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Any person, organization or vendor can join or create their own private Privacy Networks, and pool, combine, re-use and reprocess their resources with others participants via the Privacy Network Exchange, a marketplace for digital resources with built-in trust and compliance. Individuals and organizations can create value sharing networks organized around specific use cases or services, such as clinical research recruitment, patient safety, or child safety.

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Clinical Trial Recruitment Network

The Clinical Research Network extends low-friction access to an unprecedented range of data sources, clinicians, researchers and patients on a global scale. Clinical trial recruitment pilots that leverage the network to connect services for patient selection, candidate identity verification and authentication, e-consent, enrollment and retention, enabling direct to patient recruitment  and unprecedented reach to under-represented populations.

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Patient Safety Network

Organizations and companies can join the Patient Safety Network to demonstrate technical, operational, and regulatory advantages of using a network-based approach to support low-friction cross-organizational data sharing and population analytics, along with convenient on-demand access by a diverse nationwide user population, including clinical investigators, patients and their providers.

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Personalized Health Network

Personalized Health Network empowers consumers and clinicians with convenient on-demand access to the data they are entitled to, and enables aggregation, linking and reconciling of healthcare data (clinical, claims, lab, genomic, imaging, etc.) with device, demographic and online behavior data into comprehensive longitudinal records. This will enable multiple health data driven use cases that are challenging and cost-prohibitive to fully implement: patient-centered personalized care management, precision medicine, personalized patient safety, value-based reimbursement, and pre-emptive fraud prevention.

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Child Safety Network

The Child Safety Network pools data and resources to help verify children, enable parental control, and block predators and cybercriminals. By using the network, parents can directly and easily manage and personalize the online activities of their children, allowing them to specify policies controlling the content and sites their children can access, who they can interact with, what devices they can use, and when. Parents will also be able to approve what information people, organizations and vendors can access about their children and their online activities.

Share your data, get more data

WebShield is currently seeding the following networks with selected launch partners. To find out how you can participate and benefit with the network exchanges and participate in our pilots please contact us.