WebShield is a data sharing company for sensitive private data

WebShield Inc. is a software company that has invented a fundamentally new Internet technologies - the Quantum Privacy Network, Proof of Trust BlockChain and Unified Trust Model - that will solve the security and privacy crisis of the Internet and Web. These enable organizations and individuals that don't necessarily agree on policies or trust each other to anonymize, secure, combine, analyze, reuse and monetize sensitive private data in real-time and at a global scale, while simultaneously complying with all necessary regulatory, licensing privacy and security requirements.

WebShield is a founding member of the EP3 Network, a multi-sector consortium of non-profits, commercial vendors, enterprises, standards organizations, research institutions, government agencies and individuals committed to empowering people with privacy and personalization.

EP3 Network is convened and organized by the EP3 Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit which is the trusted, neutral nonprofit that convenes stakeholders and innovators pioneering new ways to solve the hardest identity, consent, and confidentiality requirements, unlocking data silos with cutting edge technology, allowing access to data needed for personalization and population research while protecting sensitive, personal health information and confidentiality. 

The combination of WebShield's breakthrough innovation and the broad-based ecosystem engagement and neutral governance of the EP3 Network will, for the first time, give individuals the ability to conveniently find, access and securely share information about them or that they are authorized to use, to directly control policies for privacy, security, personalization, while at the same time putting an end to identity theft and cyber security breaches.

Restoring trust and privacy in the Internet will offer sweeping benefits across every aspect of people's lives - in their healthcare and education, at work, as consumers, in their family and social lives, and in all of their online interactions. 

The Problem

Traditional enterprise-centric security and policy enforcement creates an inherent conflict between privacy, personalization, and sharing:

  • No way for companies and systems to agree when they are talking about the same person (For online users, records about them, and their devices and relationships)

  • No way to enforce polices or enable personalization without undermining privacy  (Enterprises control the "keys" to data and must surveil user activity to reliably enforce policies - giving them "big brother" visibility)

  • No robust/legally compliant way to aggregate data into comprehensive profiles for population scale analytics (Neither de-identification nor consent can be safely relied upon to satisfy regulatory compliance)
  • No way to get disparate stake holders to trust each other with sensitive resources  (Can't agree on policies, regulatory requirements, commercial terms, or who is in control)
  • No way to link, analyze or use data without decrypting it somewhere (Who is trusted with the keys for everyone's data? Who is liable for breaches?)


The Result 





The Solution - "Quantum Privacy" and "Proof of Trust" BlockChain

(A new paradigm for privacy and personalization)

The Quantum Privacy Network connects and computes data without revealing any information to anyone

  • Distributed software defined networks transforms data into 'privacy graphs' that are simultaneously fully opaque meaningless gibberish, yet at the same time are fully computable with no loss of information.

  • Trust criteria (regulatory compliance, payment and licensing, quality, privacy, etc) can be cryptographically bound to resources (data, apps, algorithms, digital content, brands, users, etc) to create a "Trust Block", and automatically inherited by any aggregates, analytic outputs or derived resources via a "Proof of Trust BlockChain".
  • Policies enforced at the finest level of granularity possible (individual attributes, a single recipient, a specified purpose, one time, on a trusted device) before any meaningful information is revealed to anyone.

The Proof of Trust BlockChain and Unified Trust Model enforces all trust criteria of all stakeholders

  • Eliminates the need for policy consensus or mutual trust with shared governance by multiple stakeholders (subject of records, online users, regulators, vendors, infrastructure providers, etc.
  • Streamlines access to and analysis of sensitive, proprietary and regulated data by certifying network for compliance with diverse policies and regulatory requirements (HIPAA, CFR 42-2, FERPA, COPPA, GLBA, IRS 6103, EU GDPR, FISMA, etc.) by neutral trusted authorities (EHNAC, SAFE-BioPharma, NH-ISAC, NATE, Privo, etc.).
  • Creates global 'privacy lakes' - shared data lakes that allows frictionless pooling, transformation and re-use of resources without risk to the security, privacy, regulatory compliance or commercial rights of any participants
  • Since trust criteria are consistently enforced on any derivatives and no information is revealed during computation, no data sharing agreements or consent are required for global scale resource pooling, even across organizations and people that don't trust each other. 

Self-funding, frictionless adoption, legacy-friendly and future-proof

  • Inherently open and neutral, simultaneously supports any policies, trust authorities, assessment methodologies, audit standards, algorithms, software, data models, technology infrastructure.

  • Applications, data sources, infrastructure or processes can be connected via re-usable cloud based adapters with no application modification or disruption of existing systems required. 
  • Creates global exchange and marketplace that allows any resources (data, computing, algorithms, policies, brands, attention, work, digital content, etc.) to be combined and transformed into network-backed digital assets
  • Self-funding through 'Value Networks' that pool sensitive, regulated and proprietary resources in exchange for a share of derived digital assets which are convertible into money, crypto-currencies, or personalized services.  

WebShield unifies consumer online and enterprise technology ecosystems - creating a vast global exchange and marketplace

WebShield’s breakthrough innovation overcomes the performance, governance and cybersecurity limitations of traditional “Proof of Work” BlockChain,  disrupting and unifying both the consumer cloud and enterprise technology ecosystems, and creating a vast global exchange market and marketplace for anything.

The Quantum Privacy Network, Proof of Trust BlockChain and Unified Trust Model cross-fertilizes the individual control, resource pooling and disruptive innovation of BlockChain technology with the viral adoption, precision personalization and low-cost cloud infrastructure of Consumer Online and Cloud Infrastructure, enabling them to support the regulatory, contractural, governance requirements of cross-organizational Enterprise Processes. 

This promises to transform any domain that benefits from precision personalization and process optimization using privacy-sensitive, regulated and proprietary data, thereby opening up many trillions of dollars of the untapped market opportunities in consumer-driven healthcare, personalized entertainment, government services, personalized education and beyond.

WebShield Market Landscape - Quantum Privacy, PoT BlockChain, UTM, Crypto-Derivatives (diagram only).png

EP3 Network

The EP3 Network is a multi-sector consortium co-founded by WebShield and it's ecosystem partners which is committed to pioneering innovation that gives people in every aspect of their lives the ability to:

  • find, access and securely share information about them or that they’re authorized to use,
  • select personalized policies that deliver an unprecedented level of privacy and cybersecurity protection,
  • automate strict end-to-end compliance with diverse security and privacy regulatory requirements via certified cloud-based trust authorities,

while at the same time,

  • allowing individuals and society to benefit from shared services and networks for precision personalization, process optimization, and population research on a global scale.

EP3 Foundation

EP3 Network is convened and organized by the EP3 Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit which emerged from a decade-long collaboration of diverse set of domain experts, non-profit industry consortia, vendors and other organizations spanning healthcare, education, government, consumer online and other industries.  

EP3 Foundation's mission is to unleash the power of the Internet and the cloud while empowering people with privacy, personalization and personal control. This will allow everyone to fully benefit from the power of the Internet while protecting them from cybersecurity and privacy breaches and other inappropriate, abusive or harmful activities in the online world.

The EP3 Foundation has initiatives and affiliates spanning any domain that requires cross-organizational coordination, precision personalization and process optimization based upon privacy-sensitive, regulated and proprietary data. Initial EP3 Foundation initiatives are focused on:



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