Empowering People with Privacy and Personalization

The EP3 Network is a multi-sector consortium of non-profits, commercial vendors, enterprises, standards organizations, research institutions, government agencies and individuals committed to empowering people with privacy and personalization.

EP3 Foundation

EP3 Network is convened and organized by the EP3 Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit which emerged from a decade-long collaboration of diverse set of domain experts, non-profit industry consortia, vendors and other organizations spanning healthcare, education, government, consumer online and other industries.  

EP3 Foundation's mission is to unleash the power of the Internet and the cloud while empowering people with privacy, personalization and personal control. This will allow everyone to fully benefit from the power of the Internet while protecting them from cybersecurity and privacy breaches and other inappropriate, abusive or harmful activities in the online world.

EP3 Foundation is the trusted, neutral nonprofit that convenes stakeholders and innovators pioneering new ways to solve the hardest identity, consent, and confidentiality requirements, unlocking data silos with cutting edge technology, allowing access to data needed for personalization and population research while protecting sensitive, personal health information and confidentiality. 

EP3 Network will give people in every aspect of their lives the ability to:

  • find, access and securely share information about them or that they’re authorized to use,
  • select personalized policies that deliver an unprecedented level of privacy and cybersecurity protection,
  • automate strict end-to-end compliance with diverse security and privacy regulatory requirements via certified cloud-based trust authorities,

while at the same time,

  • allowing individuals and society to benefit from shared services and networks for precision personalization, process optimization, and population research on a global scale.


EP3 Foundation Leadership

EP3 Foundation was co-founded by its CEO Marsali Hancock, its Board Chair Jack Lewin and it's Chair of Trustees Jonathan Hare, along with a world-class management team, board of directors, board of trustees, and a diverse group of expert policy fellows, technical fellows, clinical fellows and innovation fellows.  

The EP3 Board of Directors includes the leaders of several industry consortia that co-sponsored and co-convened the EP3 Network during it's initial focus on personalized healthcare, including Mollie Shields Uehling from SAFE BioPharma Association, Jim Routh from NH-ISAC, and Lee Barrett from EHNAC. Their membership collectively includes hundreds of major organizations, and provide both trusted governance and a direct path to critical mass of adoption across the entire healthcare, government and financial services ecosystem.

EP3's executive team has been collaborating for years in incubating, validating and evangelizing the Privacy Network. This includes John Teeter (formerly Acting CIO and Deputy CIO of HHS) as CIO and Trustee, Joy Pritts (formerly Chief Privacy Officer of HHS/ONC) as Chief Privacy Officer and co-chair of Policy Fellows, and Trish Hammar as Chief Compliance Officer and co-Chair of Policy Fellows.


EP3 Foundation Initiatives

The EP3 Foundation is a multi-sector collaboration that supports empowering people with better privacy, personalization and personal control across every aspect of their lives. It has initiatives and affiliates spanning any domain that requires cross-organizational coordination, precision personalization and process optimization based upon privacy-sensitive, regulated and proprietary data.

Initial EP3 Foundation initiatives are focused on:

Catalyst for Innovation

The underlying technical catalysts for the formation of the EP3 Network are the Quantum Privacy Network, Unified Trust Model (UTM) and Proof of Trust BlockChain. These eliminate the inherent conflicts between privacy and sharing that plagues traditional enterprise-centric technologies. These breakthrough innovations were pioneered by WebShield Inc., Resilient Network Systems and a broad team of ecosystem partners over the past decade. 

The Quantum Privacy Network, Proof of Trust BlockChain and UTM allow people and organizations that don’t agree upon policies or trust each other to pool their most sensitive, regulated and proprietary data on a global scale to support population-wide analytics, precision personalization and access control via certified shared cloud services, while at the same time vastly improving cybersecurity and privacy protection for all participants.

The Quantum Privacy Network, Proof of Trust BlockChain and UTM are inherently open and vendor, technology and policy neutral. They are rooted in software defined distributed networks and extensible information models that accommodate any policies, trust authorities, assessment methodologies, audit standards, algorithms, software, data models, and technology infrastructure. Thus, they are completely open and support interoperability or at least coexistence with any standards-based or proprietary systems and practices, including legacy systems and future standards not yet deployed. 


EP3 Events

EP3 Network has organized and participated in conferences, events and virtual meetings throughout the year - see select events below. The EP3 Foundation Events webpage has a current list of scheduled meetings, events and conferences. 

Jonathan Hare interview at EP3 Network Launch

Jack Lewin at Health 2.0 Fall 2017 

Jack Lewin at Health 2.0 Fall 2017 

EP3 Personal Health Summit - April 25th 2017

EP3 Personal Health Summit - April 25th 2017

EP3 Consumer Empowerment Summit - April 26 2017

EP3 Consumer Empowerment Summit - April 26 2017