Our Mission

Empower people with Privacy and Personalization

Our Team

We want you to feel that WebShield is the best job you ever had and the best place you ever worked. We are passionate about this and will work hard to earn your trust.

Our Core Values

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Our purpose is to create value out of data safely and securely while preserving privacy and trust.

Our objective as a business is to create value from existing data and enable person-centered, data-driven business models anchored by trust and privacy. Our team works hard to understand how to create value from pooling data and digital resources people and organizations already possess or can rightfully access and create new products, services and data derivatives from them. By putting individual trust and privacy in the center, we turn current privacy challenges into new opportunities.  The value of WebShield does not lie in our technology, but in the spirit of our company pushing for a more secure and safer way people can interact online.

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We earn our success by working smart

We approach our work strategically; we first understand our goals and the problems we face in solving them, then work towards those ends deliberately. Our pursuits are a marathon, not a never-ending sprint, and we pace ourselves accordingly. Our team is made of problem-solvers and creative doers that use all the tools within their reach to answer challenges that arise. We leverage numerous open source products and proven methodologies to improve workflow and productivity. We believe success is achieved by adapting quickly to new circumstances, and pride ourselves on turning challenges into opportunities.

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We build by iterating and learning

We know that we don’t know all the answers. Our approach is to iterate towards solutions, learn, and then iterate again. This continuous learning process gives us the confidence to tackle new, complicated problems and take risks. Setbacks can occur, but we do not let them hold us down. We start each project with fresh eyes-- solving problems in a unique manner to deliver optimum value to customers.

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There is no “I” in our team

We rely on our whole team to make WebShield successful. We are committed to diversity and different points of view from our team members. An individual mind may get us far, but the diverse strengths of our team will get us anywhere. We respect and amplify each other’s voices, because we know that is what will make us thrive. Our team believes in our cause and our values, which is what propels us forward and empowers us to overcome all obstacles.


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