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    WebShield, Inc.

  • About Us

    WebShield is a data sharing company for sensitive private data.


    We enable organizations and individuals that don't agree on policies or trust each other to anonymize, secure, combine, analyze, reuse and monetize sensitive private data, in real-time and at a global scale, while simultaneously complying with all necessary regulatory, licensing privacy and security requirements.


    This will empower individuals to conveniently find, access and securely share information about them or that they are authorized to use, to directly control policies for privacy, security, personalization, while at the same time putting an end to identity theft and cyber security breaches.

  • The Problem

    Traditional enterprise centric security and policy enforcement creates an inherent conflict between privacy, personalization, and sharing

    No way for companies and systems to agree when they are talking about the same person

    (For online users, for records about them, and their devices and relationships)

    No way to enforce polices or enable personalization without undermining privacy

    (Enterprises control the "keys" to data, must understand context and monitor activities to enforce policies)

    No robust/legally compliant way to aggregate data into comprehensive profiles for population scale analytics

    (Neither de-identification nor consent can be safely relied upon to satisfy regulatory compliance)

    No way to get disparate stake holders to trust each other with sensitive resources

    (Can't agree on policies, regulatory requirements, commercial terms, or who is in control)

    No way to link, analyze or use data without decrypting it somewhere

    (Who is trusted with the keys for everyone's data?)

    The Result

    Fragmented islands of data and functionality, ineffective personalization, systemic lack of privacy and consumer control, identity theft, and periodic cybersecurity breaches.

  • Enabling Innovation, "Quantum Privacy"

    A metaphor for a new paradigm for privacy and personalization.

    Obfuscate data

    Obfuscate data so that it is simultaneously Fully opaque meaningless gibberish and Fully computable with no loss of information.

    Any trust criteria can be linked to any resource

    Any trust criteria (regulatory compliance, payment and licensing, quality, privacy, etc) can be linked to any resource (data, apps, algorithms, digital content, etc) and be automatically inherited by any derived output.

    Simultaneously enforce all trust criteria of all stakeholders

    Simultaneously enforce all trust criteria of all stakeholders at the finest possible level of granularity before any meaningful data is revealed to anyone

    Easily deployed and future proof

    Easily deployed with re-usable cloud based adapters with no application modification required, automatically make use of new ways to obfuscate data or trust criteria

  • Target Applications

    Any domain that relies upon precision personalization and process optimization with privacy-sensitive, regulated and proprietary data across organizations and people

    • Consumer-Directed Health and Precision Medicine
    • Identity, Authorization, and CyberSecurity
    • Payment, Licensing, and Fraud Prevention
    • Privacy Preserving Sharing, Collaboration, and Messaging
    • Personalized Education, Child Safety, and Parental Empowerment
    • Personalized e-Commerce, and Entertainment
    • Personalized Financial Services and Insurance
    • Etc, Etc.

  • Market Landscape

    WebShield unifies disparate market models and technology ecosystems, allowing the low friction viral adoption, precision personalization and network effects of the consumer online world to be applied to high-value enterprise markets with many trillions of dollars of the untapped available market.

  • eP3 Network

    Empowering People with Privacy and Personalization

    The eP3 Network is a multi-sector consortium of nonprofits, commercial vendors, standard organizations, enterprises, research institutions, government agencies and individuals committed to empowering people with privacy and personalization, find out more at http://ep3.network

  • WebShield Founders, Advisors, & eP3 Network Leadership

    Jonathan Hare

    CEO and Co-Founder WebShield Inc.

    Rich Muth

    CTO and Co-Founder WebShield Inc.

    Eric Haseltine

    CEO Haseltine Partners, LLC

    Formerly CTO of National Intelligence Community & NSA; EVP/COO of Disney Imagineering

    Jack Lewin

    Chairman National Coalition on Health Care

    formerly CEO of CRF, ACC, California Medical Association

    John Teeter

    Former Acting CIO / Deputy CIO, HHS, Managing Director KPMG

    Joy Pritts

    Former Chief Privacy Officer, HHS/ONC

    Patricia Hammer

    CEO PKH Enterprises

    Iwan Streichenberger

    Former CEO, inBloom Inc.

    Virginia Bartlett

    Former VP Privacy & Data Protection Pearson Learning, Chief Privacy Officer, inBloom Inc.

    Honorable Billy Tauzin

    Formerly CEO of PhRMA, U.S. House of Representatives 1980-2005, Chairman of Energy & Commerce

    Thomas Tauzin

    Partner, Tauzin Consultants

    Jim Routh

    Chairmen NH-ISAC, Chief Security Officer Aetna

    Lee Barrett

    Executive Director of EHNAC

    Mollie Shields Uehling

    CEO of SAFE BioPharma Association

    Alex Carlisle

    Chief Scientific Officer for Precision Medicine, Northrop Grumman Health Solutions

    Marsali Hancock

    IEEE Chair, Standard of Child and Student Data Governance

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    WeWork, c/o WebShield Inc, 2 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111