• Empowering People with Privacy and Personalization

    WebShield, Inc.

  • There is a need for organizations to pool, link and share subject information for purposes such as Care Coordination, Fraud Prevention, Medical Research, eGovernment, Personalization, Authentication, Patient Centered Health Care.


    WebShield enables the frictionless pooling and analysis of regulated & proprietary data from disparate organizations and people, that don't agree on policies or trust each other.

  • eP3 Network

    Empowering People with Privacy and Personalization

    The eP3 Network is a multi-sector consortium of non-profits, commercial vendors, standard organizations, enterprises, research institutions, government agencies and individuals committed to empowering people with privacy and personalization, find out more at http://ep3.network

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  • WebShield Founders and Advisory Board Members

    Jonathan Hare

    CEO and Co-Founder WebShield Inc.

    Rich Muth

    CTO and Co-Founder WebShield Inc.

    Eric Haseltine

    CEO Haseltine Partners, LLC

    Jack Lewin

    Chairman National Coalition on Health Care

    John Teeter

    Former Acting CIO / Deputy CIO, HHS, Managing Director KPMG

    Joy Pritts

    Former Chief Privacy Officer, HHS/ONC

    Patricia Hammer

    CEO PKH Enterprises

    Iwan Streichenberger

    Former CEO, inBloom Inc.

    Virginia Bartlett

    Former VP Privacy & Data Protection Pearson Learning, Chief Privacy Officer, inBloom Inc.

    Honorable Billy Tauzin

    U.S. House of Representatives 1980-2005

    Thomas Tauzin

    Partner, Tauzin Consultants

  • Location

    WebShield Inc, 645 Harrison Street, Suite #200, San Francisco, CA 94107